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<![CDATA[Ready Site Scripts]]> Ready Site Scripts <![CDATA[Whiteboard Video Website]]> Whiteboard Video Website - Live Demo You are viewing on a Whiteboard Sales Video Reseller site. This business is turnkey and doesn't require any experience or maintenance on the owner's behalf. Video creation is fully outsourced to professional suppliers. THE BUSINESS IS DESIGNED FOR BOTH START-UP AND EXPERIENCED MARKETERS – YOU DON'T NEED ANY EXPERIENCE RUNNING IT. What are Whiteboard Sales Videos? Whiteboard sales videos aka Doodle videos are a fresh way of pitching sales. Those videos feature an artist drawing pictures and texts on a whiteboard.…]]> <![CDATA[​SEO Reseller Website]]> SEO Reseller Website - Live Demo Buying a Reseller Website you become a Reseller of major SEO company. All you need to do is just outsource your orders to your SEO supplier and keep the difference on your PayPal account. 100% White Label Solution! No maintenance required. Everything is fully automated. Just use marketing materials to get customers to your website and forward the orders to the SEO provider. It will take care of everything. It's a very simple business to run even for a newbie. Main Features:  40+ Services included  100%…]]> <![CDATA[Website Submisson Script]]> Website Submisson Script - Live DemoOffer Your Visitors Free Search Engine Submissions... Earn money from Google Adsense while your visitors hail you as king! Here is how it works... * You choose a domain name (you can also easily have this script put on an existing website you already own) * Quickly set up the Free Search Engine Submissions Script (or we can even do it for you) * Promote the site * Earn revenue from the ads * Never touch the site again - it will run on autopilot! See, this neat script already includes the code on it for Google…]]> <![CDATA[Currency Exchange Converter]]> Currency Exchange Converter - Live DemoCurrency Exchange Converter and Rates is a PHP script which will automatically calculate the exchange rate between two currencies. User enters in an amount, and then a from and to currency. Using the latest exchange rate between the two currencies selected will net you the converted monteary amount. Also, a graph of the exchange rate for the past 5 days is displayed. Additionally, the user will be able to view all the exchange rates for a given currency. Requirements PHP 4.0+ MySQL - Product Rights: Personal…]]> <![CDATA[Lyrics Search Engine Script]]> Lyrics Search Engine Script - Live DemoLyrics Search Engine Script is a fast lyrics search engine that generates lyrics on the fly. It doesnt use a database which make it light on the server and it is always updated automatically every few hours without a cron job!   Features: Nice web 2.0 design. Dynamic real time results. No database required. Automatic updates without a cron job. Very fast and uses minimal server resources. Script PHP source code open for modifications. Photoshop PSD files for logo/design modifications. Step by step installation…]]> <![CDATA[URL Rotator Script]]> URL Rotator Script - Live DemoThis URL Rotator Service Pro PHP Script uses a database to store members information and URLs. This script makes a great stand alone website or can also be used as an addition to any website. Members of the Rotator Service can login and add an unlimited amount of URLs. Members receive a link to their rotator so they can advertise all of their URLs from one URL. Members can view their statistics, add/edit/delete URLs and more. The script is setup to allow free members, these members rotators will have a bar on the top…]]> <![CDATA[Website Marketplace Script]]> Website Auction Marketplace - Live DemoThe Website Marketplace software is so much easier than those other website tactics that you'll be wondering why in the world you didn't think of it earlier! Website Marketplace and Script Marketplace are your keys to success! They're lightning fast to set up, easy to customize and will generate income for years with very little maintenance! You could be making more online money than you ever thought possible! Here are some of the key benefits you'll experience when using this powerful web software: Get the…]]> <![CDATA[Paid To Read Script]]> Paid To Read Script - Live DemoThis Paid To Read php script uses a database to store member and advertiser information. This site is used as a stand alone website and is one heck of a paid to read script. Visitors can signup for free and earn points or money for reading emails, clicking on links, signing up to programs, paid for referrals (up to 10 levels deep), and more. Members can upgrade to gold and receive the following benefits... Random Referrals, Lower Payouts, and Shorter View Timers. You set the price of gold status in your admin area.…]]> <![CDATA[Paid To Click Script]]> Paid To Click Script - Live DemoPTC is a Pay-to-Click process you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for the designated time period to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends and advertisers. This is a great way to start a business. It benefits anyone who starts a PTC website. Features: Support and Easy Installation Guide. Easily customizable PHP Script. PTC sites earning thousands of $$$ everyday. Best working script and also the cheapest in market. Advanced…]]> <![CDATA[Travel Search Engine Script]]> Travel Search Engine Script - Live Demo Looking for a website that has good earning potential and can operate on it's own because it's 100% automated? Well, a Hotel and Airline search website like or is what you need. This website has the potential to receive a lot of traffic and earnings because it has information for thousands of hotels and airline flights from all over the world. You can literally go to one place and find everything you need regarding travel. This is a Hotel and Airline search website that has information…]]> <![CDATA[QR Code Creator Script]]> QR Code Script - Live Demo "The Perfect Local Marketing Tool! All In One Service To Create QR Embedded Editable Advertisements On The Fly!" 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